Trapping Season in Montana

Trapping season started November 28 – and goes through March 15, 2023.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

 Facebook Post/ Share from Montana Pittie Project

These lovely folks are reminding all of us to be aware of snares on BLM land after an Idaho K9 Unit dog was caught in a snare just the other day. The handler with the K9 was able to set the dog free because they had wire cutters on them. The issue is not every human carries the snare cutters on their walks or hikes. Idaho's K9 unit Facebook states:
"Today, one of our K9s was accidentally caught in a snare while on BLM land.
This is a life and death reminder of why we require the training we do, and require that our members carry the high strength snare specific cutters.
Thanks to the handlers’ quick response, her carrying snare cutters and his agitation collar, the K9 is going to be okay!
The risk of this is very real!"

Get the Wire Cutters if you go on BLM land in Montana

You read the words above, so I think it's better safe than sorry. If you love taking your pup(s) on long walks through BLM land which is legal, you want to be able to get the dog out of the snare as quickly as possible.
Credit: Ace Hardware Website
Credit: Ace Hardware Website

 Where to get the wire cutters:

Cabela's, Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace all sell the wire cutters needed to cut snares. Pack it for your hikes and walks or risk the possibility of your dog getting caught in a trap. I know I'm getting some!
If you need more information about the safety of our beloved dogs check out Montana K9 Safety by clicking here. 
All sorts of info on dog CPR and other helpful tips we need to know! Be safe out there friends, and stay vigilant! 

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