Tragedy for 13 men living in Sober Housing

A fire broke out at a sober living home 2024 Green Terrace Dr.  We still don't know the details how it happened. No one was injured, thank the lord. But all their warm, winter clothes, shoes, and belongings are now gone.

We NEED warm winter clothing for these guys.

Donate any clothes you don't use anymore, and don't mind parting with. I'm doing a round of shopping at Walmart for these guys. But they'll need stuff to help get them through winter.

What's needed:

Men's Socks (Lots of them)

Men's Long Sleeves M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Pants (We don't know the sizes yet, I'll update once we have this information)

Hats, Gloves, Boots

Where to Donate

Surestay by Best Western Billings

3040 King Avenue West

Thank you to everyone to helps this group out!

These guys are getting their lives together with being in a sober living home. Let's reach into our hearts, and give back to this community.

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