I like to talk about some good news going on somewhere in world or right here in Billings every single day. I think it's important to be reminded that there is good being done especially because we are overwhelmed with negative news on the daily!

Today's 'Feel Good' news comes from right here in Billings! Braydon Hereim is a 17-year-old Boy Scout who is currently working on getting his Eagle Scout, which I have been told is the highest honor a Boy Scout can receive! To reach this prestigious level Braydon has decided to raise money for homeless children who attend Washington Elementary.  In order to reach his goal he is planning a big carnival event!

The carnival will be taking place at King of Glory church on March 11 from 11am - 4pm.  For all the details click <<< HERE >>>  

**Have some #FeelGood News? Know someone in the community that is serving people and being a rock star? Let me know! I want to talk about them! Send me an email: JENNPARKER@971KISSFM.COM


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