If you are anything like me then sometimes you exercise in order to cancel out something that you've eaten. For me it is usually Chinese food. Don't judge. Ideally, however, you are suppose to be eating healthy AND exercising so that you are losing fat and building muscle. A gym/cafe in London, England knows that and has taken that idea to the next level.

David Lloyd Club and The Run For Your Bun have partnered together to bring the most ideal situation for busy working adults who have primarily sedentary jobs... Work out here and we'll give you free food. NO JOKE. That is the deal. If you go to the David Lloyd gym during the lunch hour and participate in their high intensity interval training which only takes about 10 minutes then they will feed you a healthy lunch at The Run For Your Bun for free!

Sound crazy? Read the full article HERE. That's your #FeelGood News for the day!

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