Everyday I like to take a few minutes to talk about something good going on in the world and this falls nothing short of a miracle!

Four teenagers in LaSelle, Colorado were shoveling snow from driveways for their neighbors just trying to save up some money to go do fun things when they happened upon one of their neighbors in dyer need, literally. When they went up to the neighbors door to knock and ask if they could shovel the driveway they actually heard a man on the other side of the door yelling for help.

The teens tried to find a way into the house but it was locked so they called 911 and then waited for paramedics to arrive. The paramedics got into the house and found the man who had actually fallen down TWO days prior and couldn't get up to get help. If these teens had not been out and about shoveling the snow for their neighbors, who know how long that man would have been there before he got help!

That's for #FeelGood News for this Wednesday!

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