We have been counting down for weeks for this event to help out kids right here in our town when they may be in a time of need. Take some time tomorrow to join us out AT the at the Northwest Drifters Club House and help out make sure the kids in need have a tummy full of food!

Think about this for a second... we get up. We shower, put on a clean outfit for the day, and then eat. Well that is not the case for everyone. Sure shower and clean clothes may be a thing, but everyone has food in their belly. I know that feeling and it is a scary thing. Many children right here in our Magic City receive free or reduced-priced meals during their time at school. I was one of the kids. So what happens when those kids go home for the weekend? Believe me my mom is the best in the world we never went without anything we needed. She worked her butt off. We were always fine but not all families here are.

I am so proud to call Waldo (he is one of the Northwest Drifters btw) my friend you have no idea. When he told me he wanted to do something to help kids that go without it touched my heart so much. So here is how you can help out kids right here in Billings not have to worry about their next meal.

Black Lights & Beats February 24th at 7 pm. There will be , music, 50/50 Raffle, Brightest Outfit Contest, and a live auction  and of course much more! Proceeds go to Billings Public Schools Back Pack Meals Program. (BPMP) Oh and by the way the winner of the Brightest Outfit contest is getting a gift card to see Cooper at Magic City Markers! He has a done a few of my pieces of ink and he is awesome! Hope to see you there!

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