For starters, how old is Justin Timberlake on this CD cover? 13? Remember how much room they used to take up? You'd proudly show off your giant CD collection and people would be impressed. Ha.  My wife is redoing some of our house with replacement furniture and some new carpets and such, and when I came home from work yesterday she was sitting on the living room floor surrounded by giant piles of CD's she was removing from the cabinet. She was stripping the cases and putting them into a big old binder.  Those binders used to be a hot ticket for thieves when they'd break into your car..

Being in the radio business, I had probably well over a 2,000 "compact discs".  After moving heavy boxes of them from house to house, I finally ripped all the keepers into a hard drive and discarded the cases and nearly all of the artwork (except for a few favorites).  Now you can fit like a hundred CD's on a zip drive and most retailers are cutting back or outright eliminating them from their inventory.  I'm ok with that.

Have a great weekend!



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