Last night I had a very weird dream about Fraggle Rock. Like super weird. I lived with them and I worked with e Dozzers haha. Maybe the dream came from the fact that I found my Fraggle Rock tape in a box of weird stuff. I have never been so sad to not a tape player. I would have totally danced my cares away for hours! I can still remember when the show would come on  ,and it didn't matter what I was doing or were I was in the house as soon as I would hear it I would come running to the living room. I had to be two or so but I do still remember spinning circles like crazy!

After thinking about that show it got me missing other things from being a kid. My Big Wheel came to mind first. If you ever had one of those you know the struggle of getting going when the plastic tires were warn down big time. You would pedal and pedal and without warning you would just shoot off like a rocket! The worst was when you got rocks in the tires like inside of them they would make so much dang noise! I also thought about my glow worm, Mr. Speak and Spell, Gack, Full House (Fuller House is not the same) and more. What sticks out in your mind from your childhood that you miss?

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