If you have ever watch Christopher Titus you know he is a hoot! Great news he is coming to town on March 16th doors are at 7pm and show starts at 8pm.. He will be at the Pub Station! He has released seven ninety- minute albums in the past few years and they have been so giggle worthy. I warn you this show is for mature audiences only. You will know that if you have ever heard him.

He has had a handful of specials over the years. Six are currently running on Comedy Central and his seventh special called "Born With A Defect" is his latest one that came out last year. One of the best parts about his show is nothing is off limits. From his own life to his family he talks about it all and then some! This tour has been selling out across the nation so get your tickets now! You can get them at the Pub Station Box Office from 9AM-5PM during the week days. Or you can call 1-877-987-6487 and they are available 1111presents.com/. You can get reserved tables that either seat four or six people they are limited availability so get them while you can. This is once again another great show we get to enjoy here in town.

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