More violence at the Colonial Apartments in Billings.

The Billings Police Department reported a shooting incident Friday evening (2/2) at the Colonial Apartments on the 200 block of S 27th Street. The dilapidated complex has a long history of reported violence and drug activity.

According to a post on the BPD's official Facebook account, they received reports of a gunshot and arrived to find a 30-year-old male with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to his arm. At the time, the victim was non-cooperative with authorities and the investigation is ongoing.

Credit BPD via Facebook
Credit BPD via Facebook

Should the Colonial be torn down?

The old, three-story building has a total of 28 units (including in the basement) according to a paywalled 2002 Billings Gazette story. It's been well-known as a hub of shady activities for literally decades. The city of Billings filed a citation in federal court a year ago, demanding the owner tear the building down, alleging numerous code violations (KTVQ).

excavator tearing down a roof
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Opinion: We understand that housing is expensive, and for some of Billings most destitute, the Colonial might be all they can afford. It's probably better than sleeping on the street or at a shelter.

That said... tear it down.

I've been in the Colonial, and it's shocking. I have never felt more unsafe anywhere in Billings than I did during the 5 minutes I was in that building. It's crime ridden, a huge health safety issue, and a massive drain on public resources with hundreds of police calls per year. Not to mention an eyesore on one of the busiest streets in and out of downtown Billings.

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