The countdown to Pi(E) day is on and Your Pie is having a great deal on the day of Pi! It was just a few weeks ago I tried them for the first time and ding dang they are wonderful. I love that you get to pick everything you want on your pie and they have so many choices you can't go wrong at all. From multiple sauce choices to a large choice of toppings I would have to say they are the best in town hands down.

In honor of Pi day, March 14th, also known as 3/14 they will celebrating by having any pie you want at the sweet price of only $3.14! I love a great bargain that is for sure! At that price I am sure you could find that in the bottom of your purse or on the floor of your car. Cheap deal and wonderful pizza... yes please! They will also have awesome freebies as the it gets closer to Pi day! I had no idea that they have restaurants in 17 states. Pretty neat that we get to be one of the lucky 17 who get the pleasure of having their pies! I should mention too that it is one pie per person. Bring on Pi(E) day!

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