One of my favorite things about Billings is our Zoo. It is so awesome to see how far it has come in the past few years. From new animals to just the upkeep of the grounds it is wonderful! I took my niece (that is her in the picture) last weekend and man is it her favorite place in all of the world! If you can't tell she is a pretty big ham. That statue never saw it coming.

The Zoo is especially awesome this time of the year because the animals are so active! Something really cool that happened while we were there was we were at the tigers and my boyfriend decided to pull up a tiger growl on his phone. As soon as he started to play that tigers ears popped right up and he came right over to the glass! Looked a little confused on what was going on but curious indeed.

Every time I take her to the Zoo she always get to pick something out of the gift shop. One time she picked an otter. Super cute little stuffed toy, well we then headed over to the real otters. She got right up on the glass and made her toy look like it was swimming. The otters went nuts! So needless to say every time we go she has to make her toy swim with those cute little nuggets. Pretty neat to watch!

I highly recommend getting out to Zoo Montana as soon as you can. Especially if you have not been in a while. The changes will knock your socks off! Jeff The Nature guy has really done a fantastic job. I am sure that is why they call him the nature guy!

We got a family pass so I imagine I will be spending many weekend and summer afternoon visiting the animals. Plus an upside of taking kids to the zoo is after all that walking they are pooped! So am I haha

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