With today being the first day of Spring you may feel some extra love in the air. Today is the day we all look forward too after along Montana winter. The birds seem to chirp louder and the flowers start to bloom faster! The world turns warm and beautiful.

Did you know that is a proven fact that as the seasons change so do our feelings. When it comes to Spring your body starts to come out of the winter blues and into the feeling of sunshine and rainbows. You may notice that you are happier and have a little "Spring" in your step as you go about your day. It is all do the fact that your body and mind and changing with the season.

They say that the first day of Spring is the day that opens your heart to love and being loved. Believe it or not a lot of relationships start with in the first few weeks of Spring! Twitterpater is a real thing. We all get excited for nice weather that it makes your heart jump for joy! So if you are looking for love now is the time to go after it according to science. If you are already in love you may notice that you seem to love that person just little more, and it all has to do with the changing of the seasons. Get out and kick off Spring with loving someone or something!

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