The Billings City Zoning Commission has recently approved for a grocery/ drive-thru pharmacy to go in out on the West End (near 54th and Grand). The news article (below) hints that it is going to be an Albertsons. As much as I love the idea of another West End grocery location, I'm not as thrilled that it is going to possibly be an Albertsons. There are currently SIX Albertsons locations in Billings and this would make the seventh.

Am I the only one who wishes it to be something else or something new? Let's say a Trader Joes? Whole Foods? Maybe a Fred Meyers?? Not trying to be a Debby Downer here but I am just not the biggest Albertsons fan and was hoping that there would be a new and different option! Do you agree?

KCTR Newsroom - A new grocery store complex proposed for the western outskirts of Billings has overcome a major hurdle, and is now one step closer to construction.
At their Tuesday meeting, the Billings City Zoning Commission voted to recommend approval of a special review of the drive-through pharmacy design for the proposed site at the northeastern corner of Grand Avenue and 54th Street West. Construction could begin in three months on the supermarket, presumed to be an Albertsons.

City planner Nicole Cromwell said a special review was required because the drive-through is facing a residential neighborhood. The eight-acre site is already zoned for commercial use.  The Billings City Council must now consider the special review. The developer also must apply for city permits to start building. Cromwell said the city is considering widening Grand Avenue between 52nd and 58th streets west to accommodate the increase in traffic. The Ben Steele Middle School will be at 56th Street.

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