Can you recall the greatest, largest, or most fantastically amazing store or business you have ever been in?

For me, it happened twice while I was in Boise for Jake's wedding. The first was the huge Albertsons Market Street store. Their headquarters are in Boise, so that makes sense. I have been in Kroger superstores and the like, but I have never seen a store quite like this.

Everything and anything that is available to a consumer is there. Fresh or not it's there, plus with a huge bar and an entertainment area in the store that features live bands and entertainment on weekends for people while they shop. Big screen televisions and everything.

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The do-it-yourself sandwich, soup, and salad bar alone was also the biggest I've ever seen. Crazy.

The one that I really fell in love with though was the Rocket car wash.

Rocket Car Wash in Boise ID
Credit: Google Maps

I went through it three times in four days just because it was that good. It takes you about four minutes to go through it and it has your car screaming "Oh God!" by the time it's finished.

We have lots of car washes in Billings, but nothing that comes close to the Rocket car wash in Boise.

I have to tell ya, I have been in places like the famous Billings Scheels store and they are pretty amazing too, but these two businesses in Boise left a lasting impression.

If a store like the Albertson's in Boise would open in Billings, it would be bigger than a major tourist attraction to folks here.

We are getting a new Costco and I'm sure it will be great but that is just basically a big warehouse store. Hey, call me weird: While some people get all worked up about a Chick-fil-A coming to Billings, I get all hot and bothered about a great carwash.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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