Do dogs really need condiments? I was at Albertsons the other day and these stopped me dead in my tracks! I had to look at it twice just see if I was seeing it right. The names are too funny! Muttstard, Petchup, Mutt-N-aise, and bark Bq! I know people buy a lot of weird stuff for their pets but this might actually be the winner in the weird category. I am totally guilty of making my dogs wear clothes and buying them a dog cake on their birthday not sure if I could justify purchasing these for my pups. What in the world would you even put it on for them? It would be just plain gross to put it on their dog food! I guess if you give your dogs hot dogs or something it would be ok but that is about the only thing you do with them.

I think the only reason I would buy them is just because they are funny names! I am sure my dogs would love them but they are not really picky about food. I watched one of my dogs try to eat a sock so I pretty sure they wouldn't mind some Petchup for the weird things they try to eat haha Have you ever seen anything weird like these for pets? I am half tempted to go get one just see if it smells like the real deal that us humans eat. They are two for $6.00 so its not like I would be out a bunch of money and it is worth the giggles!



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