I don't know about you but growing up as a kid this is was regular food to have weekly. I still remember the first time I had a Sloppy Joe in a restaurant and it blew my mind. They are not always made from a canned sauce?! Say what? Turns out they don't always taste like that, and that is why I am so excited about Wednesday at The Montana Brewing Comping! Don't get me wrong the can is still pretty awesome but this... this is better. Endless Sloppy Joes...yep you read that right. Endless.

We all know the Brew Pub has AMAZING food so I can't imagine that this will not be one of their big hits at all. This will happen every Wednesday until January of 2019. Here is the best part (besides it being Sloppy Joes) is that it is only $7.95. Balling on a budget? Heck yeah this is great! Plus it starts at 11 AM and you can eat all you can till 11 PM. So many Joes so little time! My heart and belly are so happy. Come on Wednesday lets make this happen.

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