Billings is big, with a small town feel 

People call Magic City a “big-small town” due to having approximately 117,000 residents, but everyone knows everyone. Word travels fast in Montana’s biggest city, but it also makes it across the states too.  

Something Magical Happened to My Mother-In-Law 

My in-laws are snowbirds. They move from Illinois to Arizona every winter and have been doing this for decades. When in AZ, they hike, socialize, and they quilt. I know, how cute are our senior citizens of the world? Too precious. While my mother-in-law was attending a quilting show in Arizona, she stumbled upon a table with some stellar patterns. My in-law purchased the pattern from a woman who travels to quilt shows all winter long, then returns home.  

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.

Serendipity! The woman’s home is in Billings!

Isn’t that just crazy?! My in-laws struck up conversation with Laura the owner of Fiberworks in Billings. They swapped stories and mom-in-law bought some patterns from her that I'm sure she's sewing together as I type this. I received a letter in the mail from my mom-in-law, something that is truly a dying art just like quilting. She told me all about this woman she met in AZ.  I had to track her down. 


FIBERWORKS located off 32nd on the west end of Billings 

I stopped by the storefront, and of course, the owner is still traveling to quilt shows across the U.S. Talk about dedication and passion!  The lovely employees chatted with me for 30 minutes about Billings and what Fiberworks has to offer. Shoutout to Pam who talked with me for awhile just about life. 

I decided I will take Laura’s quilting retreat this coming August at Danwalt Gardens. I have to learn somehow, right? My mom-in-law and I can quilt together while supporting a local small business. I call that a win-win! Just an example of how small this world actually is, no matter where we are from.  

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