The 32nd Anniversary of Festival Of Trees is almost here! This is by far one the best holiday events that happens in town. I remember going as a kid and every year it would blow my mind. This year there will be a Winter Wonderland with 39 wonderfully decorated trees! This is a fundraiser for The Family Tree Center. They help out so many families around town when they are in a time of need. So this is a wonderful event to support.

Thursday November 30th - Saturday December 2nd you can check out the tress up at the Metra Expo Center. This year they have even added some extra decorations from Rimrock Mall. I didn't think it could get anymore Christmas than it already is but they did it! On Friday December 1st they are having Tea In The Trees you can look forward to enjoying tea while checking out the trees. Sounds super fun! If you need anymore information contact The Family Tree Center at 252-9799.

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