You probably know by now that I am pretty passionate about human trafficking and especially sex trafficking. I know a lot of us would like to think that because we are up here in Montana and because Billings is pretty small compared to other cities in more populated states, that we don't have any problems with that stuff, but the fact is: we do.

It is a rising epidemic that has crossed the Montana boarders and is taking up residency here in Billings. If you don't know a lot of about the subject and are interested in learning about human/sex trafficking please take some time to attend the event at MSUB. Details below.

KBUL Newsroom - A three-day conference is coming to Billings to raise awareness of human trafficking in modern-day America. Fight Human Trafficking will be held May 22 to 24 at Montana State University Billings. Sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and numerous other law enforcement, nonprofit and educational groups, the forum will offer public sessions along with separate, specialized training sessions for law enforcement personnel.

Sex trafficking is the most prevalent, where minors and some adults are taken across state lines and forced into providing sex or labor, and it’s occurring in Montana’s urban and rural communities, according to the FBI. The Gazette reports it’s called modern day slavery. At Super Bowl 51 in February, sting operations led to the arrests of more than 700 sex buyers and 20 traffickers or pimps, involving 30 law enforcement agencies across 15 states.

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