Try to top this food!

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After watching the hundreds of comments on the Facebook group "Billings Customer Service Watch Dog" I myself was starting to wonder when the heck the new Five Guys was opening. There seemed to be a lot of confusion about the actual opening date and while April 1st was my favorite comment it actually seems today is the day!

11AM today is when the new Five Guys out on Shiloh Rd opened. It is just across the parking lot from Scheels. Now, if you have never had a Five Guys burger and fries, here is my advice....don't order multiple fries. Seriously. The Five Guys were I grew up would basically fill the bottom of your bag with fries if you had ordered one. Now, whether that is a company staple or just the awesome people who were working at my local restaurant, I'm not sure. But I do know one thing, I will be heading there for lunch and will report back!

(Photo Credit: Five Guys. Burgers vis Instagram)


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