I went shopping the other day and for some odd reason the only thing that sounded good to me was Hamburger Helper. Gross I know, but lets be real it is so good! I ate a ton of it as kid so one would think I would not be able to handle eating it as an adult. False. I ate it two days in a row! Keep in mind I live alone... yeah I ate the whole helper. Both times. It got me thinking about other things I ate as kid. Malto Meal came to mind first. I basically lived on that weird stuff for breakfast for years. I had it few months back and boy was it gross!

I then started to think about all the things I still eat as an adult that I did as a kid and holy moly I think I need to adult my menu up haha. Every now and then a Luchable is awesome. Fruit roll-ups, Capri Suns, and those weird little cheese and breadstick things! I only bring this up because I had a friend over who was making so much fun of my love of the helper! After he did that I did not let him have any. That is what you get sir. What do you still eat that brings back childhood memories?


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