This strip by Charles M. Schulz have been republished in newspapers such as the Billings Gazette for years.  How well do you and your family know this staple of the comics page?  For the younger generations, here's a suggestion: bring your parents and grandparents over for this one.  Scroll down for the answers.

1. Charlie Brown is called “Chuck” by Peppermint Patty, “Charles” by Marcie, and “Brownie Charles” by his girlfriend Peggy Jean in the 90s. Now the name of a reality TV show, what does Charlie Brown’s little sister Sally call him?

2. One of Snoopy’s imaginative characters is the World War I flying ace, always seeking to shoot down his arch nemesis the Red Baron. His dog house becomes what actual British fighter plane from that conflict?

3. Lucy has a psychiatric booth, where she dispenses “advice” with a sign “The Doctor is In.” How many cents is the cost of a session with Lucy?

4. What Peanuts character was Charlie Brown referring to in 1959 with this compliment: “It staggers the imagination! He may be carrying the soil that was trod upon by Solomon or Nebuchadnezzar or Genghis Khan!"

5. What character in the Peanuts cast was named in 1970 for an event one year earlier?

6. “A new baby brother?!! But I just got rid of the old one!!!” Appearing in 1972, frequently riding in a bicycle seat, and borrowing a TV term, what is the name of Lucy and Linus’ little brother?

7. Schroeder is a piano virtuoso, who idolizes what classical music composer? Sometimes there is a bust of him on his toy piano.

8. Marcie is the intellectual sidekick to Peppermint Patty, who addresses Patty by what title?

9. First appearing in 1961 and last appearing in 1985, who is the girl in the strip who always mentioned her naturally curly hair?  Frieda or Violet?

10. In 1977, Snoopy dealt with Molly Volley, notorious for a hair-trigger temper, and Crybaby Boobie, who complained about absolutely everything, when Snoopy was playing in what sport?

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The Answers:

1.  Big Brother

2.  Sopwith Camel

3.  5 cents

4.  the messy PigPen

5.  (from 1969) Woodstock

6.  Rerun

7.  Beethoven

8.  Sir

9.  Frieda

10. Tennis

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