The weather is really heating up and cooling down in the river sounds like the best relief but just remember safety while on the river, especially the Yellowstone because right now the river is really HIGH and moving really FAST.  Even if floating you need to have life jackets and good floating stuff.  As the river lowers and it slows, floating and being in the water is still something you need to be careful doing. Drowning deaths happen ever year and it is usually caused by being unprepared.

KBUL Newsroom - Four people were rescued from the Yellowstone River Monday. According to Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Paris, the situation could have turned deadly. reports that deputies responded to a call of three people– two juveniles and one adult– stranded near the Washington Street bridge on the Yellowstone River on Monday evening at around 6:30.

Paris said they found two adults and two juveniles, who had cheap inflatables in the fast moving water, and the four of them washed up into a tree snag. Sgt. Paris said of their inflatables [quote]  “They had nothing they should have been in the river with,” [end quote]  One of the adults was able to swim to shore on her own, but none of them– including the kids– were wearing life jackets. Four deputies in a boat were able to rescue the others.

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