You know you are a Montanan when low 30's are considered a heat wave this time of year.  It got pretty nice out on Saturday so in an effort to curb Spring Fever, I told the kids to put down their X-box and phones and get some boots on, cause we're taking the dogs to the river!

Have you ever gone to the Sundance Lodge Recreational Area? I live out in Laurel, so I go there fairly frequently. Not often in the winter, but still... it's a great little spot just south east of town on the south side of the Yellowstone River. It's near where the Clarks Fork meets the Yellowstone. About 380 acres of river bottom and pasture land. Dogs love it, it's never very crowded and while you can still hear the trains and the refinery sounds in the distance, this time of year its really quiet and pretty enjoyable. Snow was packed on the various paths, but if you step off it's pretty deep.  The Chocolate Brown Dog did great.  The stubby little bulldog shitzu had a tough time plowing thru the deep but she didn't seem to complain.  They were both exhausted by the time we got back home, which was nice.

Spring is officially March 20th.  Daylight Savings Time is March 11th.  Spring forward, baby.

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