I follow The Billings Police Department on Facebook for a number of reasons. One I like to know what is going on around town, and two sometimes they are a total hoot and post some super funny stuff! This post is not on of those. This is a scam that is happening right here in Billings. Beware and remember if it is too good to be true...it most likely is. Check out the details here so you or someone you know does not fall victim to this.

The Billings Police Department would like to bring to the community’s attention a fraudulent scam starting to be seen in the Billings Area. The BPD has also learned that other law enforcement agencies in the state are seeing this. So far the BPD has taken twelve (12) reports since July 9th, with an increase in the last couple weeks. These scams are often impossible to investigate and prosecute.

The scam involves a victim receiving a new phone in the mail from Verizon. The victim then unwittingly activates the phone thinking they got a new phone. The activation of the phone results in charges and usage fees to the victim’s account.

- Do NOT activate the phone.
- Contact Dispatch (657-8200) to make a police report and receive an identity theft packet.
- Verizon will want a copy of the following:
o Police Report
o Verizon Bill
o Photo ID

In speaking with local Verizon staff, they said victims are more than welcome to come into a local store to receive assistance or they can call the Verizon customer service number 1-800-922-0204.

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