Self defense is a very very important thing in life. Growing up my grandma had taught me so many different ways to protect myself no matter the situation. My grandma was a police offer so she knew what she was talking about and what to do. In fact she was the only female cop to work a road block when Ted Bundy escaped. She was something else for sure. To this day when I am in the parking garage or even walking to my car in the dark at a store I can still hear her telling me to keep my keys in hand and loop them in your fingers incase you ever needed to swing at someone. It is important to know how to keep yourself safe no matter gender or age, so these free seminars are a must to check out.

The classes will happen the last Saturday of every month and are 100% free. They will be taught by Scott Brady and Ben Ostermiller and will be help at The Asylum.They will teach you easy skills for a wide range of situations that are not only something you will need, but they are also very practical no matter what you may encounter. These skills are important for all of us. It so neat they will be doing this all year long! For more information check them out here

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