Are you happy with your body? Do you feel good and have energy? If you said no to any of these then you need to check out Go Figure Billings! I started on the diet at Go Figure awhile back and so far I have lost nearly 90lbs. Crazy right! Every time I look at the before picture I first make a disgusted face but then I feel very happy knowing I don't look or feel like that anymore. The difference between the two is nuts to me. If I can do it you can do it! Now I am at the point in the diet that you maintain and I couldn't be more excited that I hit my goal weight and can keep it there!

I am sure you have heard Kris and I talk about his journey as he just started the program. He is doing so well! Every week he gets more and more excited to go weigh in and see his improvement. It helps you stay on track for the fact that you do go in every week and check in with the girls. They help you from start to finish. From different meal ideas to just being a great support system Go Figure is hands down the best weight loss plan ever.

You are supervised by a Doctor and you eat real food! Chicken, shrimp, steak, veggies, fruit. At first I thought it would be hard but after you change your eating habits it just becomes second nature and you don't even crave the crap food anymore! It really isn't that hard to find things to eat when you go out either because most places have meat or salads/ wraps of some sort that fit the plan.If you have a hard time eating healthy or cooking, don't worry the team at Go Figure will help you out. They have a whole wall that is nothing but awesome easy recipes! Once you make it a little while into the diet they also have different things you can buy in the store. Pancake batter, tortillas, chips, peanut butter, and other things are diet approved! If you are ready to make a life style change and jump on the weight loss program then check out Go Figure Billings! The new you could start today! There is a chili recipe on their Facebook that is to die for! I recommend checking that out!

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