The Billings Police Department reported an incident on their official Facebook page early this morning, involving an individual who arrived at a local hospital around 5:30 am with multiple gunshot wounds.

According to the post, the 34-year-old male is in critical condition. Upon further investigation, the BPD discovered the shooting occurred on the 300 block of S 28th St. A suspect has not been identified at this time and the investigation was continuing on the scene as of 7:30 am Wednesday.

Screenshot via Facebook, BPD
Screenshot via Facebook, BPD

Violence in Billings took a break for the holidays.

Apparently, even the criminals enjoy taking time off for the holidays, with no reports of shootings in Billings over Christmas break. There was a drive-by with no injuries we wrote about that occurred on December 2. Another non-injury shooting occurred on December 12 near Monroe and Jackson Street.

S 28th St and intersection of 3rd Ave S. Credit Google Maps
S 28th St and the intersection of 3rd Ave S. Credit Google Maps

Is Billings safe?

In a recent post on Reddit about moving to Billings wondered if crime in the Magic City is exaggerated, or if she should be worried. While our violent crime and property crime rate is significantly higher than many cities of the same size (we ran some comparisons), most respondents say they do feel safe in Billings, noting that most of the violent crimes are not random, but instead committed among groups of individuals who know each other and/or are involved in illicit drugs.

A recent question on Reddit, sub r/Billings wondered about how safe it is to live in Billings. The poster said she, her husband, and their two small children are relocating to Billings in March

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