With a week of hot days here and coming, temperatures well over 90 degrees, any tricks to keep cool should be considered and used.  I learned a couple hacks to fight the heat and stay safe.

Wet Bandana Around the Neck

There are even cloth tubes in stores with absorbent material to soak up water like a sponge and wear around the neck.  But a bandana, large handkerchief or a cloth towel will also work.  Soak the cloth in cold water, don't wring it out, then roll it up and tie around the neck.

The chill on the neck will send shivers down the body.  You can feel cold in the middle of the heat, and this lasts only a second or two.  Then you feel cooler overall.  When feeling warm again, soak the cloth in cold water and repeat.

Side effect is generally mild with your top getting damp.

The Poor Man's Air Conditioner

Friends and I did this workaround for homebound seniors without AC.  All the materials needed are an electric fan, a large bowl and ice.

Very simply, put the ice in the bowl, set them in front of the fan, and turn on the fan.  The fan pushes the cold air emitting from the ice into the room and onto the persons.

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Wear White

Remember wearing black or a dark color on a sunny day?  Soon the clothing warms up significantly.  That's from the color absorbing the light, reflecting little to none back out, and therefore absorbing the heat too.  So obviously to prevent that, wear white which reflects nearly all the light back out, absorbing little.

Along with these hacks are the known precautions: please stay indoors or in the shade and drink lots of fluids.  Wear sunscreen and a hat when outside.  Pay attention to how you are feeling and call for help if feeling overheated.

Take care of yourself, and those around you.  This will be a long week and maybe longer.

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