Montana's maverick has the back of Congressional staff.

Representative Matt Rosendale has proposed an amendment to the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act of 2025 that opens the 2nd Amendment right to staff so they may carry guns for their personal security.

Rosendale's bill addition is an active response to an increase in crime in Washington, D.C.  In a July 8 press release, he cites a 67% rise in robberies in 2023 from the previous year, totaling 3,470.  274 murders in the city in 2023 is a 50% jump from 2015 and is the most residents have seen in 25 years.

This Amendment #11 is tricky to read but here it is: "Prohibits any funds made available by this Act from being used to restrict a member of Congress from authorizing their staff members to carry a firearm in their official duties."

Translated, a Representative or Senator may allow their staff to have a gun on their person for work, without the concern that appropriations (money) will be used to openly oppose that invitation, nor have funds taken away if that authorization is granted.

"Leadership gets a security detail to protect them," Rosendale said in his statement.  "Congressional staff should never be forced to defenseless in one of the most dangerous cities in the country."

Senior woman putting a gun in her small handbag, self defence concept
Credit: ALotOfPeople, Getty Images, TSM Media Center

My Message for Congressional Staff

The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution sanctifies the right to keep and bear arms.  This doesn't necessarily mean firearms.  You have a right to self-defense and a right to use a weapon in that defense.  If you are uncomfortable handling a gun, you have other options.

Our digital editor Jaci has an impressive arsenal of devices for her personal protection and a family of dogs who have her back.

Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM
Credit: Jaci Bjorne, TSM

Not gonna pick a fight with her; I would end up in the hospital, and then jail.

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