Forty seven years again the day known as Earth Day first stated. Millions of people came together around the world to protest the negative impact industrial development was having on our planet. From that day on it is celebrated every year. What does Earth Day exactly mean? Well it is a day to get out and do your part to make the world a better place.

There are many ways you can help celebrate Earth Day. You can pick a spot in town and go clean it up! Lets be real there a lot of places around town that collect trash. From the highways to the river you constantly see trash that needs to be cleaned up. Sometimes you grab and others times you just pass it by. I am guilty of doing it too. So lets change that and get out and do our part to make our town nice and clean! We really should make it habit to do it daily not just on Earth Day. Make Earth Day the day you start the trend. Grab the kids and a few garbage bags and hit a spot around Billings and clean it up! Another way you can celebrate Earth Day is to plant a tree! We are in luck that the green houses are popping up around town so it won't be too hard to find one!

Get involved with helping to keep our earth beautiful! Happy Earth Day!

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