I've been thinking about what I want to do for my birthday this year since it is only a month away and I'm pretty sure I want to spend a weekend at a hot springs. I've only been to Chico and I loved it but there are few other hot springs close by that I'm thinking I need to try out!

  1. Boiling River - Gardiner, MT
    Located at the North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  A 6-foot wide stream of hot water and probably the most popular soaking area in Yellowstone. Primitive - so no tiki bars or bands here! Usually packed in the summer so try to go in the Fall while you can still get into the park.
  2. Norris Hot Springs - Ennis, MT
    Located 45 minutes SW of Bozeman is a perfect 127 degrees soaking pool. Over 100 years old, the 30' x 40' pool has a wood bottom and wood deck. Not so primitive. There are a few places to eat and also a bar on deck. Plus, on weekends, Norris will have live music. Picture spring break but with a more hippy vibe. Basically where I want to be! There is camping available on site and there is a small fee to enter the pool.
  3. Bozeman Hot Springs - Bozeman, MT
    With seven separate soaking pools to pick from and all varying in temperature, there is a place for everyone. And since it is a resort there are restaurants, bars and lodging accommodations all in one place! Popular for families to get away for the weekend. Sounds like a great getaway to me!
  4. Chico Hot Springs - Livingston, MT
    Hot springs with a lodge... heck yes! The lodge may look a little dated but it still has that romantic Victorian charm and offers gourmet meals that are continuously voted the best in Montana! Chico offers a sheltered hot springs as well as an adjacent outdoor swimming pool so if you get too hot, then you can cool off! This is a great place for a weekend escape and is only about an hour and a half from Billings!


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