Billings has been getting so many new businesses around town and it is awesome! I have no idea how I did not know about Craft Local until today considering I work downtown and it is right there on Montana Ave. I had heard a few weeks back there was a new pub coming to downtown but had totally spaced it out until I saw it on Facebook today. So naturally I had to stalk them down on the book of faces, and I must say I am very impressed with what they are all about! Anytime you mix music with a cold one it is a total win.

I looked at their event page and holy moly do they have a bunch of shows lined up. Not only do they have music but I saw they also had art for sale. This is an all around place to go if you the arts. It is really cool that they really do have something for everyone to enjoy. If you want to check them out they are at 2413 Montana Ave. and are open from 4:30pm - 9:00pm. From what I saw in there pictures they place looks amazing. I love how they sum up what they are all about....

Craft Local's mission statement is to Foster, Educate, Support and Develop the LOCAL Arts, Music and Cultural activities in the Billings, MT area.
Another great addition to the magic city!

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