It is officially that time of the year to get our yards in tip top shape! Summer does get really busy so sometimes it is hard to stay on top of your yard work. Between mowing, weed eating, watering, and planting it can become very time consuming. Did you know if you don't stay on top of it you could get a bill? Don't worry the Billings Code Enforcement crews don't do random drive-bys to check up on your yard situation, but if someone calls you in here is what will happen.

If they receive a call about over grown grass or weeds the crews will come by to inspect your property. If it is taller than a foot you will be sent a warning letter telling you to cut it down within ten days from when you receive the letter. If you don't get it done the city will mow it for you and then send you a bill. Nobody wants that especially because the bill typically starts at $177.50!

Not only can you get a bill for tall grass and weeds but also for tree branches, but you may be notified about tree branches. If someone makes a complaint about a tree branch hanging over a sidewalk by eleven feet, fourteen feet above the street, or going over more than a foot from your property line for a distance of fourteen feet above the alley you may also get in trouble. So moral of the story is if you don't keep things trimmed up it could end up costing you a chunk of change and the hassle of getting in trouble. I think for the most part Billings does a pretty great job of making our yards look beautiful! Plus if you don't want to or don't have the time there are so many places in Billings that specialize in this area! Every summer I see so many flyers at gas stations and stores of kids who will mow and even scoop poop for cheap! Can't beat that!

So watch your weeds and make sure they don't get out of control! Just an F.Y.I weed season is from May 1st-September 30th. For more details (or to make a complaint ...hope you won't have to) :


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