Okay, y'all. You know I'm about to lose my mind about something if it makes it as far as a blog on the website!

I feel I need to share the back story to help you understand where I am coming from. I will also note that this is not me complaining about medical billings PEOPLE, I think they are super nice, more of a rant about how confusing it can be for the average Joe (that's me).

December 28, 2015 - I get a concussion at work. Oops! A poll fell on my head and I had no idea I had a concussion until about six hours later. I'd never had one so I had no idea! I go to the ER and they get a coworkers comp and L&I claim going. Everything worked out flawlessly and my company at the time was super easy to work with and they took care of everything.

Fast forward a week to Jan 2, 2016. I go to the ER again. They give you a sheet of paper that has symptoms on it and if you start to feel those within two weeks of getting the concussion then you are suppose to immediately go to an emergency room. At this point we were visiting family for New Years in Oregon and in a small town with an ER. So, obviously I went to that one. Told them everything and they took at the coworkers comp info and claim number and insurance. Cool. All done and taken care of.

Wrong. Fast forward to one week ago. That's right, over a year since all the things happened. I get a bill for $1,700 for that ER visit in Oregon. What the what? Come to find out after over 20 phones calls (not even kidding) the ER in Oregon didn't bill L&I and tried to bill my insurance. That is the long story short.

Now.... I get the bill and I call the two different numbers on it because that's what it says to do. From those two phone calls I get a couple different numbers from each person because those were not the right numbers to call. After a series of multiple phone calls, lots of unanswered questions, I finally get told that I need to call the L&I claim person and have them get a hold of the billing people. Haven't made that phone call yet because I was about to lose my damn mind.

I know that it is NONE of the people's faults who I talk to that they can't help. I'm just a little tired of making so many phone calls. I feel like an idiot lol. I'm also pretty grateful that I have health insurance and that I was working for a company that handled everything so smoothly. However, I am hoping that this is the last phone call I have to make!

I know I can't be the only person out there who has been through the pain of trying to figure out one answer on a medical bill. If I am, then as they say in the south, "Bless your heart." I highly doubt it though...

Okay, end rant! Happy Tuesday!

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