One the best things about Montana is all of the activities we have to do outside. Fishing by far is one of my favorite things to do. Over the weekend we went out to Colson Park because we had heard that the fish were jumping like crazy. Turns out that was a lie. After about four hours of trying really hard to catch one of those little guys we gave up.

I had a feeling we should have went to a different place about two hours into it but I refused to give up. I am stubborn like that. I don't like to feel defeated at all. We tried numerous different methods. Worms and jigs and even some weird stink bait and still no luck. Good thing it was a pretty nice day and the river is beautiful right now otherwise I would have been extra bummed about not catching anything. Half the fun of fishing is just being outside but it is always better when you catch something besides a stick or two.

When we usually go fishing we head up to the Boulder River outside of Big Timber or head out towards Red Lodge but with it being Sunday we figured we should stay close to home. Now I wish we would have just got up earlier and hit the road because I always have wonderful luck on the Boulder. Yellowstone not so much. It may just be that we picked a bad spot because I know there is fish in there they just won't let me catch them!

So my question is where are some awesome spots close to Billings? I have heard that out at Sportsman Park people have had some pretty good fishing and over by Huntley as well. Other than that I have not heard about anyplace else that is great this time of year. Where do you go to dunk a worm?

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