The age old question, " Do we really need to turn our clocks back/forward?"

A lot of discussion in every state in the US has started because the idea of having a 'daylight savings' seems irrelevant. Montana legislators were having their own discussions on the subject this last week as well. So far the senate and the house have voted against changing it, which will, for now, keep our daylight savings as is.

Many farmers, schools, golfers and tourism destinations spoke up to agree that daylight savings should stay as it is. Having it be light well into the evening is way more beneficial to farmers because then they don't have to be up at 3:30am to catch the sun; it would be better for schools because after school programs and sports that happen outdoors could continue; golfers go out after work and that money goes into those local golf courses which supports the community overall and same goes for tourism places like Chico hotsprings, etc. People stay out later when it is light out.

I'm personally for it staying how it is because the current way of doing things works just fine. I'm not personally affected by it so I could be bias but it has been done this way for so long that everyone knows how it works.... why change something that works great, right?

Click here for the full report done by the Billings Gazette.

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