Montana drivers are some of the craziest drivers I’ve ever experienced.  

Just yesterday at 5 am in the dark morning, an Acura SUV thought it would be a great idea to cut me off, then slow way down, and got super aggressive with me. They ended up flipping a U-turn in the middle of Broadwater & Division during a red light, then flew back west on Broadwater. What a psycho.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I get stuck at the traffic lights in Billings in the early mornings.  

I’m on the road by 5 am, to get to the Double Tree by 5:15 am. Barely any other vehicles are out at this time-- what a blessing. However, I continuously get stuck on Montana Ave, and on 24th Broadwater. The traffic light doesn’t see me sitting there and I end up waiting at least 5 minutes for the light to change. It skips right over me.  

The other morning, I flashed my bright headlights at the traffic light hoping it would change.  

And it did! There were cars coming towards me and I realize- I'm the idiot here. 

I’ve seen people here in Montana flash their brights for various reasons. They do it to signal to a driver their headlights aren’t on, they flash the brights when emergency vehicles are coming up, or when a deer is in the road. I think that’s courteous, but is it legal?? 

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

According to Billings PD, it IS ILLEGAL to flash your brights if the cars on the opposite side of the road are within 1000 feet OR 500 feet behind another vehicle. 

My co-worker Trent did an article on this earlier this year.    

Other tips about headlights from the Highway patrol include:  

  1. Headlights must be on from a half hour after sunset until a half hour before sunrise. 
  2. Headlights must be on in snowy, foggy, and rainy conditions or when you cannot see 500 feet in front of your car due to dust. 

The more you know right?? I will be courteous with my brights. Like I said above, I try not to do it when cars drive towards me.

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