My daughter was all in on Father's Day this year. She told me that she would even get up early and go golfing with me, if that's what I wanted. It was completely up to me.

Come Sunday morning I ran a couple of errands and did some laundry. And after giving it some thought, I decided we would go to the Montana Candy Emporium in Red Lodge via Cooney Reservoir. I wanted her to see those planes fill up with water to help fight the Robertson Draw fire. But by the time we got to Cooney, there was no activity. So I just kept going on the gravel. And going. And going.

I had never actually driven past the reservoir before. But I just assumed that it would be about ten minute away from Roberts. Not exactly.

As I began to question my unwavering ability to get us places, we just kept getting farther and farther away from where I wanted to be. And my daughter was all over me. Taunting me by quoting me. "I'll handle the driving, thank you very much," and, "World's greatest driver." Funny kid.

Then, her phone rang, which surprised me because of how long it had been since I had seen another vehicle. In fact, in my mind, I was hearing banjos. My daughter began to let her mother know how directionally challenged I was. She ended the call with "Mom, I'm sure everything will be fine. But if I never see you again, I love you!" Funny kid.

We never made it to Red Lodge. But I made it up to her with a stop at Candy Town when we got back to Billings.

Then there was Uno and sushi. And a day we won't forget for a while.

I hope your father's day was just as memorable.

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