Every time a Chick-fil-A has opened in Montana, it has been a big deal. There are lines of cars around the block and it makes the local news as people try to get those waffle fries and chicken sandwiches. Currently there are only three Chick-fil-A locations in Montana. There are locations in Kalispell, Billings and Missoula. Bozeman is next on the list to get one at Montana State University which will be coming soon.

Chick-fil-A Is Announcing Changes

Chick-fil-A has labeled their chicken as "no antibiotics ever". That label is going to change according to a report from CNN. They are going to adopt a looser industry standard: "no antibiotics important to human medicine". Chick-fil-A announced back in 2014 that they would be serving "antibiotic free" chicken in their restaurants. The reason for the change is due to "diminishing chicken supply".

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Chick-fil-A's change comes after Tyson, the nation's biggest poultry company, ended it's eight year pledge to keep antibiotics out of their chicken. Chick-fil-A has changed their "Chicken Commitment" statement to reflect these changes. They will continue to be selective about the chicken they serve, stating: "Quality has always been our approach to food. And because chicken is at the center of our menu, we serve only real, white breast meat with no added fillers, artificial preservatives, or steroids."

Montana's Fast Food Landscape is Changing

The fast food landscape is growing and changing rapidly in Montana. We are going to be getting two restaurant chains that haven't had locations in Montana before.

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Chick-fil-A is letting their customers know the changes they are making with their food. There are a lot of fast food restaurants, that aren't quite as open with their customers when it comes to what they are serving.

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