Elon Musk is one of the richest people in the entire world. The Tesla and SpaceX owner is worth approximately 193.9 billion dollars according to Forbes. Meaning he has a lot of money to do whatever the heck he wants to including flying all over the country.

According to the Reddit page ElonJetTracker (which by the way, I can't believe someone is that devoted to tracking Elon Musk that he/she created an entire Reddit page to gawk at where Elon's plane travels to), the billionaire's private jet was in Bozeman this last weekend.

Musk visited Bozeman, Montana the other day using his other jet N272BG. The jet has now gone back to Austin.
byu/TXKAP inBozeman

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There were a couple of comments in the Bozeman Reddit thread that placed Musk at tech conferences at either the Yellowstone Club or The Montage Hotel, but I couldn't confirm. Another Redditor said J.P Morgan hosted a tech conference there, but it appears to be speculation. My people couldn't reach Elon's people. My people aren't even real so it was tough to contact him.

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Do you think Elon drove a CyberTruck around town this weekend? That's been a hot topic in Montana. We had our first sighting of a CyberTruck in Missoula earlier this month.

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As long as Elon wasn't here scoping out land to build a new Waterpark/Rich People Ski Resort combination in Montana then who cares what he's here for?

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