And just like that, Journey tickets in Billings are sold out.

Ok, as of 4:18 pm on Thursday 3/7, only 12 seats were remaining for the Journey concert coming up on March 13. If you happen to be reading this story in the next few moments, you might be able to snag one of the last tickets, otherwise the reseller market might be your only option.

Journey 50th Anniversary Tour At Moody Center in Austin
Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images for Journey

We began attempting to log into the Metra's ticketing portal earlier this afternoon and all we got was the message below when we clicked on ANY of the ticketing options, including the opportunity to buy premium parking. None of the links worked for us. A coworker seemed to have better luck, showing the twelve tickets in the nosebleeds.

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

The sweet receptionist confirmed my thoughts that maybe the show was sold out. It's always hard to guess which concerts in Billings will fill MetraPark. Many come close. Others barely fill the venue. Being in the radio/media industry for a while, I feel like I can usually guess which shows will do well, and when we announced Journey back in September, I thought it would do well (like, over 3/4 full). I was wrong.

Credit JJ Lind, used with permission
Credit JJ Lind, used with permission

Journey VIP ticket holders got some sweet stuff.

My friend JJ and her husband bought four VIP tickets way back when they went on sale. She - and we assume everyone else in Billings who bought VIP tickets - was surprised today when a box of branded Journey merchandise showed up in the mail. Along with great seats, the premium, $250 tickets included a bunch of awesome stuff for Journey fans.

Journey is a cross-generational band.

Boomers love them. Gen X love them. My Gen Z kid loves them. Everyone that's been a small-town girl, livin' in a small-town world, loves them too. Wait a minute.... Look what we found stuffed under a dusty desk in the Hawk Studio. More last-minute chances to win tickets to the sold-out Journey show. Enter below.

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