The PBR is almost here and we want to send to the show for free! You and your pals can enjoy an awesome night at the PBR and on top of tickets you will get some sweet PBR gear!

Here is what you need to do to win:

Tag who you would want to bring with you on our Facebook post!  You and 5 friends could be on your way to awesome night out on the town!

One of the best parts about the PBR is clearly the cowboys. It truly is the toughest sport on dirt. So much fun to watch but I can't imagine actually being the one to ride the bulls. I grew up around the ranch and farm life but you couldn't pay me enough to be that brave! It truly is impressive the guts it takes to be strapped to a giant beast like that! To hold on for 8 seconds must feel like a life time!

If you want to check out the PBR for FREE make sure and tag who you want to bring! Good luck! Be watching for the post on Facebook Wednesday!

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