When I was in high school I was pretty selfish...especially when it comes to dances. It was highlight of my life! The only time, really, in your life (besides getting hitched) that you get to spend a whole day getting your hair done, make up done... basically getting pretty for your crush or date (or both if you're lucky). So, when I saw that Laurel High School students wanted to not only give up their time planning the big dance but also all their money I was shocked! But in a good way!!

The Homecoming fund at Laurel High School was for a float and the time it would have taken them to make the float was spent working hard to get more donations for the Montana fires that have been plaguing the state.

The whole school was in agreement that they should help in some way and this was the perfect way! The students raised and donated over $1,100 for the relief fund.

So incredibly selfless. What a great example to set in the community!

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