This isn't the first time this happened in Montana, but a bill has been proposed to legalize Blackjack in the state. If you're old enough, you might remember "21 in '91" which was the slogan used when they were going to legalize it back in 1991...didn't happen.

There are many opposed to live blackjack in our local bars and casinos. For owners of smaller bars, they simply don't have the staff or facility to provide the game to their customers which might make it tough to compete with other bars who do. Others say more gambling in general is just not a smart idea because it is likely to bring higher crime rates, corruption and dependence on welfare.

Personally, I love it. I'm not claiming that I have done research on the negative effects of adding live blackjack to a community, but I am claiming that playing blackjack is exciting and I'm all for it. I lived in Spokane for a few years and played at least a couple times a month. Here's the trick: Take whatever money you're willing to lose. I'd take 40 bucks with me and either walk out without it or, less often, more money. To me, if you don't have the self control to deal with having a blackjack table, then you could just as easily throw your life away on poker machines.

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