Meeting people like Dan make me hopeful for a bright future in the city of Billings.  

I met Dan at a burlesque show here in town last October and we got to chatting about collaborating on some art projects. I was scrolling social media the other day and I saw a post about his next art project that he wants YOU to be a part of. We had him on the Mix Morning show with Michael and I, to talk all things art and an event in the near future.  

Credit: Dan Granger
Credit: Dan Granger

Dan’s Back Story  

He grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming but was tired of being in his hometown, so he moved to Billings in 2018 and has been thriving here ever since. He said something profound while on the show,  

There’s something for everyone here in Billings. You just have to have an open mind and meet the right people whatever you’re passionate about.”  

Solid advice for me since making friends here has been somewhat difficult. He’s been working on “Paint the City Project.”

Check out his work below.  He uses pen ink and water color. He actually started getting into art at the age of 21! It's never too late to start working toward your dream. 

Photo Credit: Nikki V.
Photo Credit: Nikki V.           Artist: Dan from Davinci's Workshop 

Art Walk Theme for February  

Kill ‘Em With Kindness is the theme of Dan's studio for the February Art Walk in downtown Billings. Dan is already gearing up for the event. He got on social channels last week to call all artists in Billings to create a piece of art about the theme. I jumped on the chance since I love to water color. My piece for this art walk is almost done! 

Get in on the art action

Each artist has to pay $25 to have your art shown in the studio. The money goes to Crooked Line Studio who provides your canvas or watercolor paper because it has to be certain dimensions to be fit into their frames. Each artist paints, draws, colors, whatever medium you want. Then the studio puts it on display for the public to see and enjoy.  

If you want to be a part of this fun, artistic event or purchase his art you can reach Dan on Instagram @Davincisworkshop22 


Credit: Dan Granger
Credit: Dan Granger


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