The question pops into my head almost every single day... "What to make for dinner tonight?"  The answer often depends on what is in the fridge / pantry / freezer, to prevent an unnecessary trip to the store at 6 o'clock at night when everyone is hungry and waiting for dinner.

Last night, after checking the fridge / pantry / freezer, I determined that I could make a pretty close replica of Taco Johns infamous "Super Oles".  And I gotta' admit, I nailed it! You can bake your tots, but the deep fat fryer is your weapon of choice on these crispy bites of potato goodness. My wife got me a little fryer last Christmas and I've been amazed at how much I've actually used the thing. I use it outside, so I don't stink up the whole house like a freakin' grease pit.  Probably a little safer too, in the advent that I overfill the darn thing and boiling hot oil overflows everywhere. It happens.

Anyway, if you wanna make your own Super Oles, it's really easy.  Dice tomatoes.  Open can if sliced olives.  Cook hamburger meat with taco seasoning and warm up a can of refried beans. Boom! Pile it all on top of your tasty tots (I used the "crowns"... more authentic) and top it with sour cream and hot sauce.  Not a huge guacamole guy, so I left it out.

Kids loved them, I loved them and surely my waistline loved the large dose of carbs, fat and sodium.

Next time,


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