Caught someone's eye in the check out line? Made a connection with someone at the red light? If you are trying to find them then chances are they might be trying to find you and the best place to look is Billings Craigslist Missed Connections!

Every week I read the most epic Missed Connections from the week before... Here are the favorites:

Stella' s Saturday Morning - m4w

"You were helping bus tables, I couldn't help but to look at you every chance I had. You had curly blond hair and looked to be in your early/mid twenties, the prettiest girl I've seen for a long time. The attitude in your walk makes me wish I could know you. Tell me who you are and I'll see if you noticed me too."

Lucky s Market - m4w

"Here's to fate.

Beautiful tall brunette:

What are the odds I would post, and you would read and reach out?

I should have said something when in the same aisle; again by the fruit; could've even commented on your rectangular black watch when next to you in line... instead, here it is, leaving fate to chance.

I felt a strong compulsion to get to know you. I hope our paths will cross again.

What are the odds?

If you see this, write me back"

Cute Grocery Clerk - m4w (Billings)

"I came in early Sunday and teased you about using your phone. After I clumsily flirted with you, you gave me one of your beautiful smiles!! "See you later? " I hope so! " Breakfast and dogfood.  I saw your nametag. Tell me what your name starts with so I know it's you. I guess I do have a CL ad after all."


There are more where that came from! If you loved going through the Missed Connections then you are in good company... I love it, too! Here are some past Craigslist Missed Connections for your entertainment!

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