Caught someone's eye in the check out line? Made a connection with someone at the red light? If you are trying to find them then chances are they might be trying to find you and the best place to look is Billings Craigslist Missed Connections!

Every week I read the most epic Missed Connections from the week before... Here are the

Grey Adidas in shopko - m4w

"You were shopping in shopko.. My jaw was dropping... you are absolutely gorgeous. I tried to work up the strength to say hello but u didn't want to bother you while you were shopping. You looked at me a few times too. If I caught your eye email me back :) let me know what I look like to prove this is you."

Looooong shot - m4w (Billings - Downtown)

"To the stunning blonde who delivered car keys to our office. I was caught off guard and was trying to stay professional but all I really wanted was to ask you out ;)

If you see this, write me back"

Minion pants and matching socks - w4m

"westend walmart. I didn't really know where else to post. You're cute! You were buying minion pj's and matching socks. Adorable."


There are more where that came from! If you loved going through the Missed Connections then you are in good company... I love it, too! Here are some past Craigslist Missed Connections for your entertainment!

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